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Hourly Wedding consulting services

“You don’t have to do it all by yourself “

Maybe hiring a wedding planner to plan out your entire wedding isn’t for you. Whatever the reason, there are many resources available both online and through print that give you plenty of checklists and templates to work with. However, many couples along the way will have questions that aren’t easily answered and need a little bit of personalized help.

We are happy to set up a meeting so you can pick our brains and then move forward with your own planning in confidence.

 This is particularly helpful if you’d like some customized help in certain planning areas.

Things we can help with:


  • Venue/Location Research
  • Budget Creation and Advice
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Theme/Decor Suggestions
  • Timing and Logistics Questions
  • General Advice

How it Works

  1. Contact us and ask to set up a consultation meeting, being sure to specify what you’d like to talk about.
  2. We’ll get back to you with an intake form, and confirm a time/place. At this point, we’ll determine how many hours we’ll need to meet and send you an invoice.
  3. We’ll do the research and prepare whatever materials we need ahead of time.
  4. We get together for our meeting.  We’ll go through and share with you what we have prepared and answer any other questions you have with any remaining time we have left.
  5. After the meeting, we’ll send you a full summary of what we discussed and copies of anything we prepared for you.

PRICING: $200 first hour/ $75 for each hour thereafter*


  1. The Initial $200/hour fee only applies to the first consultation meeting. Any additional consultation meetings will be booked at a flat rate of $75/hour.
  2. Should you work with us on consulting, then decide to move forward with one of our full planning packages after, all monies paid for consulting will be applied against the cost of the package.